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Workstation Computers Purpose-Built for Your Software

One Thirty Five is the official reseller for BOXX workstations computers. Configure it yourself here and email us the configuration to get a quote, or just email us at

Video editing

From editing and visual effects, to animation, color grading, and sound design, accelerate your film and video workflow with workstations purpose-built for motion media.

3D modeling

Accelerate your 3D modeling workflow and increase your productivity when you power your software applications with workstations purpose-built for content creation and CAD.

GPU rendering

Whatever you create must be rendered, so free your workstation for creative applications and offload your rendering to a dedicated, multi-GPU, BOXX rendering system purpose-built to accelerate your workflow.

Kamvas 22 PLus

A 22″ pen display monitor. Brand new minimal design. Easy 3 in 1 cable connection.  

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New Arrival

Digital Drawing tablet. Ninos S/M great for school work and a game of OSU. Email us at